Weddings & Banquets

Weddings & Banquets

Successful event planning 

 Successful event planning is not as difficult as it may seem. If you are a first-time organizer or have been volunteered to set up a function, the following guide may help point our details vital to creating a memorable event.

1. Reserving a Date

Scheduling a date for your function should be your first consideration when setting up an event. It is not out of the ordinary for Wynding Brook Golf Club to be reserved over a year in advance. Peak months are April through October for wedding receptions, golf outings, and class reunions, as well as December for Christmas parties. Once a date is decided upon, a deposit is needed to complete the reservation process. A non-refundable deposit of $500 ($600 if both rooms are needed) is required. his amount will then be deducted from the invoice at the conclusion of the event. The balance in full is due at that time.

2. Reserving an Event Room

We have two rooms available for events. The lounge can accommodate up to 48 people and the Banquet Room up to 200. It is important to book the room that will best accommodate your party’s needs. It is also important, especially if making your reservation far in advance, to anticipate your final attendance. Room charge for the banquet room is $500, the charge for the lounge is $100

3. Menu/Billing

Our experienced staff is happy to provide any help in planning your event. Menu selection, room setup, and scheduling details are just some of the areas we may be of assistance. Some things to keep in mind:

No outside food or beverage of any type may be brought in. The exception is specialty cakes (wedding, retirement, etc) made by licensed food preparers.

Due to our ordering deadlines, menu selections must be finalized, submitted, and approved a minimum of 14 days in advance of your function. Final attendance counts must be given no later than 7 days in advance.

If 2 entrees are selected, meal markers consisting of a different color for each entree selection and the individual name of each guest printed on the marker corresponding to their meal selection must be provided to identify choices to waitresses. This is very important to the success of the banquet.

Billing is determined by the meal count given to us 7 days prior to the vent or the number of meals actually served, whichever is higher. No shows will be billed.

4. Details

Also due 2 weeks in advance along with the menu selection are details pertaining to social time, serve time, hors d’oeuvres, table arrangements, and any special instructions you might have. Please feel free to ask questions or request help for this step of planning. Successful events are accomplished through total communication with our staff. Explain exactly what you are looking for and what you would like to provide for your guests. We will do our best to accommodate you and ensure a memorable time for all. 

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